Use integration studio to generate actions on Oracle procedures, functions and packages


For existing Oracle legacy applications the database-packages are important. If it's possible to simply use these Oracle-objects in Outsystems the integration with these existing legacy will be simpler. 

This will be a major feature for current Oracle-users in a possible choice for Outsystems as (user)interface for their existing legacy, replacing designer/Forms/Reports.

The current solution with Oracle-connector or advanced-sql is complicated and not allways stable. Using .net-code and import this into integration studio needs competences a normal Oracle/Outsystems-developers doesn't have.

If integration studio is extended with the ability to generate actions on Oracle-packages like integration of Oracle-tables and views is allready available, the Oracle-customers will be happy.

I have described a possible solution in the attached document. 

 generate actions for Oracle code-objects.docx
Created on 19 Mar
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