Certification level based on Community Activity

Not right now

It would be nice if one could increase it's certification level based on Community Activity.

If someone keeps helping others and shows knowledge about the Platform, one way to reward it's sharing would be to assign him higher certification levels.

This would also be a major benefit to the community as more and more users would like to contribute.

Created on 25 Feb 2011
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Not a good idea ... Certification is showing actual pratical experience in OutSystems projects. Not hust giving answers to questions.

It might be an idea to have a "level" on the forum like Junior poster/Senior poster

I also don't find it a good idea.

Some OutSystems developers aren't much on the forum but sometimes do give good feedback/suggestions.

I agree with Joop about a "level" poster, but this is already on the forum (keep track about the amount post being made).

Well, a "level" poster is not that interesting.

If people spam question, they will get a high level, but what does that say?
It can say a lot of things:

- Poster don't know much and don't want to search
- Poster has to much spare time
- Poster works at OutSystems
- Poster works so great with agile he has spare time

Changed the status to
Not right now

Hi Pedro,

We are not planning on delivering this in the near future. Because of this, I’m marking this idea as “not right now”.