Conditional Breakpoint

By J. on 8 May 2010

To be able to set conditional breakpoints instead of breaking everytime.

Joop Stringer11 May 2010
Yes yes yes please :-)
pretty please.
Matthias Preuter24 Jun 2010

Yes, this is a MUST HAVE!!!
Mehrdad Aslani13 Dec 2010
Add an if component to your canvas which reads a sit property and if its true it goes to a dummy assign which has a breakpoint, you can then set the sit property whenever you want
David Blezard27 Aug 2014
How about somethign similar to a compiler directive such as DEBUG. Then your code could be built and run in productiion and when you need more detaield info in production then you set the directive at run-time and get more logged info.
Joshua Austin29 Aug 2014
I really could have used it already!  :-)
Gustavo Gama25 Oct 2014
Thats an important feature, yes please
David Zangger6 Apr 2015
Since this has been liked a lot, and was first suggested almost 5 years ago, any comments from OutSystems about the likely hood that this can be implemented in a future release?
Remco Dekkinga13 Aug 2015
Hi Outsystems,

Can you give us a roadmap of when this feature will be delivered?

It seems that almost everybody needs this feature!
Ricardo Antunes1 Sep 2015
If you want to debug the iteration 3000 in a cycle without Conditional Breakpoint: good luck!  :D
João Carvalho1 Oct 2015
Come on guys, 200 votes since 2010! When do you plan to implement this?
Johan den Ouden17 May 2017

We should really have this!

Hanno21 Aug 2017

Will be handy indeed

Carlos Olías23 Aug 2017

+1 !!!!

I was going to add this idea, but obviously was added before, but I see that I am not the first one that has occurred it. Will be very very useful.