Get out of the widget tree view when clicking on "Go to

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Whenever we are on the viewing the widget tree of a page or Webblock, if we click on the "Go to <insert element here>" we continue on the same widget tree view mode and need to click again on the widget tree icon to finally see the element we selected as demonstrated on the gif below.

The rationale is that if we are using the "Go to" context menu, 9 out of 10 times we want to open the original module to inspect/change the element selected.

It would be nice that when we use the "Go to <insert element here>" context menu it would change to the view that actually allow us to "go" to that element

Created on 28 Mar
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Geez, I almost consider this a bug!


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I sign below J.Ja's comment!

Yes, I find it pretty annoying too.