Automatically icon color for actions from producer modules according discovery classification


Hi guys, we use something similar here, but we do it manually.

We know that good architecture is very important in our projects. It is a wonder if we could see in our tree view the actions and other dependencies with the same color they were classified in the discovery tool.

For instance: library modules can have the default icon green and core modules a default color orange.

So, when you are in a green module and try to consume an action from the core module, you can see you are doing something wrong directly on your tree view and safe time to run the discovery and check this later.

Even the developer who is not so expert in 4LC can help to keep the architecture in the right lines.

Created on 9 Apr
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Great. It'll be very useful.

This would help us be able to use better architecture in applications because we wouldn't have to go to Discovery to see where something it used.

This is can actually prevent a lot of mistakes from happening. 

Nice Idea. 100% Agree

Nice Idea!