Debug: Able to select entry point even if there is no reference from Espace to Entry Point

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On the scenario that, there is:

- A End User espace A, that consumes a weblock on a UI espace B, 

- The Weblock on espace B consumes a action from CS espace  C

- There is no reference between A and C

On the described scenario currently is no possible to debug on C request from start on A without adding a useless reference between From A to C    

Created on 22 Apr 2019
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Hi Domingues,

That's indeed very annoying. I ran into that situation a while ago and there's a better workaround. If you publish eSpace A in the Personal Area (F6), then it will be available as a debugging entry point for eSpace C. No need to add a useless between A and C.

Nonetheless, the platform should be smarter in that regards.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Domingues,

That is indeed annoying, so we'll be watching this idea, although we do not yet have short-term plans for it.

Thank you for your idea,
Tiago Simões

I can't imagine that you are the first one to run into this issue. Great idea! 

In my view this really is a major oversight. Outsystems promotes the concept of a 4-layer architecture, but if you need to debug a core service you have to artifically add a reference to the UI. Really?

How many layers of dependencies do you want the platform to keep track off? Because of the 4 layer architecture that would mean there could be a maximum of 3 layers of dependencies?

I understand your frustration but also see some practical obstacles in doing all the house keeping to keep track of multiple layers of dependencies for each eSpace. Alternative could be to be able to select any eSpace in the environment....

Having a new option to search for any espace as the entry point would be fine - I don't mind how it's done as long as it is reasonably intuitive and allows you to do it...

Harry Snier: try to be in a huge project with 100+ eSpaces and you will see that this is more frequent than you think. When you are in a large factory the 4 layers have to be somehow splitted into some sub layers.
So i like Neil Said i wouldnt mind a search for the espace i want as a entry point.