Debug: Able to select entry point even if there is no reference from Espace to Entry Point

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On the scenario that, there is:

- A End User espace A, that consumes a weblock on a UI espace B, 

- The Weblock on espace B consumes a action from CS espace  C

- There is no reference between A and C

On the described scenario currently is no possible to debug on C request from start on A without adding a useless reference between From A to C    

Created on 22 Apr
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Hi Domingues,

That's indeed very annoying. I ran into that situation a while ago and there's a better workaround. If you publish eSpace A in the Personal Area (F6), then it will be available as a debugging entry point for eSpace C. No need to add a useless between A and C.

Nonetheless, the platform should be smarter in that regards.

Hope it helps.


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On our radar

Hi Domingues,

That is indeed annoying, so we'll be watching this idea, although we do not yet have short-term plans for it.

Thank you for your idea,
Tiago Simões

I can't imagine that you are the first one to run into this issue. Great idea!