Custom reminders before interacting with any kind of element in Service Studio

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I got this Idea from an ERP, that I think perfectly fit in Low Code methodology, adapted for Developers using Service Studio.

It would be a good feature to add and manage custom reminders that will Pop Up every time a developer add, edit or view a new kind of Element in Service Studio. This reminders would be by application.

Every developer would be able to access and manage every reminder, adding a new one, edit ou delete.

Every time a developer add, update or delete an element, Service Studio will show every Reminder stored for this element, and developer would be able to mark it as completed.


Before creating a new Server Action, we want to make sure developer know the naming convention. We could create a reminder, something like "Name should be [Domain]+[Action]+[Verb], Pascal Case"

Before creating a new Screen, we need to put a known Server Action in Preparation for Auditing proposes: "Don't forget to add Server Action 'ScreenAuditLog' to Preparation"

Before creating a new Role, something like "Role Name should begin with 'ROL_' so it will synchronize with legacy SingleSignOn.

Before a Module Name "After changing Module name don't forget to change every JavaScript and CSS URLs hard coded with Module Name".

This is just a starting point for something that could be great. It will improve team collaboration and communication, minimizing distance and time barriers.

Created on 15 May
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