Forge: Let Outsystems host the Demo App instead of PE/EE

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It would be very nice if Demo Apps that are published together with new version of a Forge Component are hosted by OutSystems instead of ones own Personal Environment or Enterprise Environment. This would solve at least 2 issues that I currently experience.

- Makes sure that a Demo App is not mutated due to development on the forge component. This prevents errors when the owner updates the demo app. It will also prevent the possible expectations because a Demo App shows functionality that is not available via the published Forge component. 

- A PE can be shutdown when some time has passed. Any "Try This" link will then become disabled and thus removes the ability for people to checkout the component before downloading it themselves;

- The "Try This" link is pointing to an OutSystems environment instead of a PE/EE. This will prevent people to find other apps on the current PE/EE environment and try to retrieve certain Intellectual Property (the knowledge of existence of an app can already tell a lot). 

- It will make sure that Forge Components will always have a working demo app. This is in the end a good thing for OutSystems as a working, vivid and living "Open Source" community is valuable for both existing as upcoming customers. 

Created on 15 May
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