Add 'last changed date(time)' to multilingual

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Like many others of you, I read from the ideas, we also have problems indicating changed/new labels.

When you add a new label, the label will be indicated 'To be defined', but when you copy another label, the translation will be same a the old one, and it's it's indication is 'Translation'. And also, if you change a label, the indication won't change back to 'To be defined.

So, how can we identify that a label have to be reviewed? We have hundreds of labels to translate and every Sprint there are some changes. It's impossible to review all the labels again and again.

Since my idea of putting those changed labels back into 'To be defined' is rejected by OutSystems since users only doing typos have to put everything back into 'Translate'  again... I got a better idea now. Let's add a last_changed_date(time) so we can sort on that field and only check the labels we changed recently.

Please like this idea to get this into attention of our Outsystems IDE developers. 

Created on 21 May 2019
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Also note that not all labels get "not defined" by default, it depends on the type of text whether it gets "translate", "don't translate" or "not defined".

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Hi Kit,

That's a great idea.

Although we do not have short term plans for it I'll put it on our radar so we can take a look at it in a future version.

Tiago Simões