OnBlur Property

Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Add "OnBlur",  like the On Change.

Created on 3 Jun
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Hi, i agree with this one. But why just the onBlur event? the other ones can also be usefull :)

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Agreed with Domingues, while we are at it, we should also add focus and hover (perhaps adding some mouse events)!

Though the problem with this.... client events are triggering a server/screen action which is considerabely slower than just using javascript/jquery to handle these events.

Joey Moree, it may be put in place the option to set a screen action handler or a javascript/jquery handler, like a Client Action as we have in mobile. 

Ohh, yes, totally! I would also love to get the javascript editor we have in mobile for web, please :)

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Martin,

That's a great idea. In fact we are currently working on the next generation of web applications, and in those apps it will be a lot easier to add event handlers to widgets and even run code on the client-side. Expect some good news about this in the next few months.

Tiago Simões