Function to check if user has permission on a screen based on screenid and userid

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OutSystems should have a built in function available to check dynamically whether a user has access to a certain screen. This function could have a screen_id and a userid as input parameters and returns a boolean stating whether the user has access to the screen or not.

Created on 6 Jun 2019
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Hey Jimmy,

Are roles not sufficient enough to achieve this?
Though roles requires you to setup the required permissions on design time, I can understand you would like to have some more control over it afterwards.

You could build this yourself by using the ESPACE_SCREEN entity, however this is not a public entity so it requires you to use some cheats..... 

Hey Joey,

Long time no speak :). 

The issue here is not about setting up the screen permissions. That works fine, and I would like to do that during design time using the checkbox mechanism thats already in place.

The problem arises when you want to have a dynamic menu, created through a list/table with url attributes instead of hardcoded menuitems.

If you do that you wont be able to verify the user roles against the roles assigned to a certain screen in order to hide the menu items the user does not have permissions on. Because you cant get the permissions/roles related to a screen during runtime.

The idea is to create a built-in function to verify during runtime whether a user has access to the screen or not, so that I can use that logic in the rest of my code.

For some reference: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/48647/access-to-ossys-espace-screen-role/

Ah, I understand.

This in fact doesn't seem to be present in database, you might have to read the binary of the espace to get this information :( 

Your other choice is to create a mechanism yourself, but it would be very nice if there could be a function to get this information for generating menu's dynamically.

You got my vote.

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