2017-12-13 08-27-28
Joey Moree
More runtime information on timers

Hey all,

When running a heavy timer which frequently hits timeout, it would be nice to have some more control in when the timer was actually started.

LastRun is only updated after the timer has run (but not when it's currently running).
NextRun is updated when the wakeuptimer has been called, or when the timer finished running and setting based on it's schedule the next run. (this value can change when the timer is already running, causing it to also be unreliable).

I would like to get something to see when the timer has actually started running (lastTimerStart or something?), getting the current timeout would also be a nice addition.

Or, just getting a TimerId would also help us get the current timer and check it using the meta_cyclic_job entities, though having these attributes already on runtime would save us the trouble of doing an extra query.

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