Allow Ctrl+X to cut from parameter values

Service Studio

Currently the standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl+X is allowed for attribute values but does not work for cutting from parameter values and there is no right click menu to allow cutting either.  It seems this is a bug as it is expected behaviour.

Created on 18 Jun 2019
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Hello Sienna,

What parameters are you refering to? It works for example on Action parameters.


Ctrl+X is not working for me for server action parameters as per the image below where I was trying to cut parameters from RemoveDuplicates to paste into RetrieveClauseTitleType....

Oh ok, I was thinking about parameters in the action definition (not its execution)!

The way you do this today is by selecting all the text in the properties.

What would be your idea for the interaction? A developer could not simply use CTRL+X since that would be just cutting the node to be pasted elsewhere.


In this scenario I was moving a couple of the input parameters from RemoveDuplicates to SetClauseTitleType as I had decided I would split it into 2 actions.  But I couldn't cut the values of the parameters even with all the text highlighted, so instead for each value I had to copy all the text then delete it before pasting the parameter value into the other screen action.

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