Add password protection to OML and Xif files to protect against unwanted edition

On our radar
We should be able to protect the OML or XIF edition through a password protection feature. Hence, only the users with the password could edit the OML or Xif file.

The use case is to protect the source code of applications on customer environments that do not want or require to have the source code, and thus the developer protects its intellectual property  by blocking espace of extension edition.
Created on 26 Mar 2011
Comments (2)
It could also prevent it's publishing.

I think the existing ipp restrictions will prevent publication but doesn't control access within an organisation.

In other model based environments we've had user rights on each eSpace - none, download only (effectively readonly), update and full control.

In the spirit of 'open-source', perhaps the downloaded file password could control update rather than view?