Allow to export a list of resources (e.g. by dragging them out of the eSpace onto a Windows folder)

Service Studio
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Currently there is no way to extract the full list of resources (with their directory structure) onto a Windows folder. This could be done through selection and right-click or by dragging the whole lot out of the eSpace.

This is extremely useful when you have Javascript library-based components structured in multiple files (e.g. CKEditor http://ckeditor.com/). With the current Service Studio, maintaining the resource structure requires a lot of effort (file-by-file!)
Created on 1 Apr 2011
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Good idea.

Recently i have the need to do something like this and it was a pain!

In older versions there was the OmlResources.exe file that can be used for this purpose (among other things).
Hi Eduardo!

Good to hear from you!

I think this can still be done through a batch file with Service Studio command line. Take a look at post http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?TopicId=3109&Topic=Best-practice-for-external-Javascript-framework

Still, it would be desirable that Service Studio allowed this drag-and-drop feature...