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It would be nice if there is a easy way to compare different versions of one eSpace.

And get a list of changes made between versions.


Created on 2 Jul 2019
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Hi Alberto.

Have you tried the Merge feature of the Service Studio?

To know more you can read the Merge the work area of our documentation.

Thank you.

Hello Tércio

I understand your comment, and as you imagine I already use the merge.

But what i'm suggestion is the possibility to compare different version (sequential or not) and get a "List" of the changes, only for consulting.

But once more thanks for your comment.


Hello Alberto.

You have an alternative to compare your current eSpace version with an older version (sequential or not), using the option "Compare and Merge with Another Version or File..." from the Module menu.

Thank you.

I think what Alberto is suggesting is to have the ability to compare between two previous versions instead of the version you have open and a previous version.  For instance, say you are working on a module and the published version is version 10.  We can consider what you have open in Service Studio version 10+.  Right now you can compare version 10+ to any of the previous versions 1-10.  Alberto, and myself as well, would like to be able to compare version 8 to 3, or version 7 to 6, etc.  

I know it's possible to download a previous version and then compare that to another version, but that approach is painfully tedious, especially when you are searching for when a change was made and you are having to search across multiple versions.

In addition to this I would suggest that it would be nice if you could compare/merge changed of a module with a cloned version of it. This would be nice to propagate changes from updated Forge Components, that you have cloned as you needed to make customer specific changes to it.

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