[Agile Platform] Optimise code generation, to improve website performance.

By - on 5 Apr 2011
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify Javascript
  • Combine Images into CSS Sprints
  • Combine external javascript into fewer files.
  • Enable Gzip compression

André Ramos7 Apr 2011
All the javascript files should also be combined into a single file.
J.25 Jul 2011
I like this very much, but it should be optional.
for debugging purposes it's horror to have it minified.
-25 Jul 2011

Carlos Freitas9 Feb 2012
To maintain the debug functionality, all this (or at least the minify css and javascript) should only be done when publishing to production mode.
J.15 Apr 2014

Outsystems themselves is telling us to minify js in their performance-tips pdf.

We can do it manually, but if we do, we have to have a seperate version-control and maintenance to keep our javascript up to par, while Outsystems themselves provide already a rudementary version-control.

Further more, remove all the comments, so it becomes more difficult the find out what libraries Outsystems we are using.

-15 Apr 2014
It would be good to optimise and minify all code while outsystems platform is in production mode.

Otherwise in development mode, leave code in readable format for debugging purposes.

(Technically it can be done!)