Reset and Wipe Personal Environment?


I love the free personal environments that OutSystems offers the community free of charge! It offers a lot of freedom to develop and test applications without the burden of contaminating your own business environments.

On various circumstances I had problems with my personal environment. It was offline for days and had to raise a ticket with support. It would be great if I have the option to reset my personal environment to the initial state. Meaning that all customizations and configurations on my personal environment are wiped.

Created on 9 Jul 2019
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I think this makes sense as it will take away some of the load from OutSystems support team.

There is a time period when one can Wake Up own personal environment. Provided Reset the environment will fulfil the missing gap.

Unfortunately I don't have that option available neither my colleagues. We only have the option Wake it up now. I received the following feedback from OutSystems.

Yes, we are really investing on this topic and the positive impact on your environment was a result of this initiative. We are looking at features like the one in your idea, but for now we don't have the vision closed nor a end date for this, but just to let you know that we are looking at this :)

I also want to upvote this idea! there are a lot of different reasons where it comes useful to have this feature!

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Great idea!

This is a great idea. If the Environment is hung we will be able to restart/reset them without waiting for the support person to assist

Up vote!!