Ranking - Show members around me


I like the ranking of OutSystems. It makes participation a bit more fun for me. But it would be even better if I would know who is in my playing field. Currently in the overview you see the top 10 and your own rank. 

Being in the top 10 will never happen for me but I would like to reach the top 200 for example. So knowing how members that are near my "level" would make this a bit more insightful and, for me, fun.

Created on 11 Jul
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You can achieve what you want by going to the Members Page, and sort by Ranking. 

You just need to find the page you are on (20 members per page).

That's a bit cumbersome don't you think ;) But nice to know that there is method to check this, thanks!

It does take some effort, yes, but making a cup of coffee is sometimes more effort than this...

I am sure with a bit of ingenuity and imagination one could conjure up a web-scraper of some sort to automate this.

I have some ideas I want to try as I have been tracking myself the last three years but just haven't found the time to automate a 5-minute daily ritual...