Sum of all Software Units of an e-Space

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It would be quiet nice to have the sum of all SU of an e-space and the one's that it references. Also it would be interesting to have a master detail of an e-space and the one's that are referenced by.

Created on 6 Apr 2011
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This is a good idea and perhaps it could go a bit farther by allowing to see the SU's used by a solution

With that available if you created a solution with the espace you needed (with 'including dependencies ...' checked) you would obtain the same result...

But I would still prefer have some kind of drilldown on the software units screen showing the used SU's by the dependencies
Don't really get the idea from you post.

You want one overview about how much SU an eSpace in a solution is consuming, divided by eSpace but also a total for the whole solution?

An SU overview for an eSpace can be easy seen in SC (administration->Licensing->Software Units), but i think you already know this?

I do agree with Pedro about a drill down by eSpace, being able to see the SU on Screen/action level. See WotC:

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The screen you speak of is the reason of the post (IMO).
The problem is that the screen only shows the SU total the espaces filtered by name.
Bruno's idea was: that particular screen SHOULD give a more detailed version of the SU's used by the espaces and it's dependencies. At this point you cannot see the dependencies, thus my idea of a drilldown/tree view with that information.
My 2 cents were to also add the solutions to that page, because at the moment you cannot see the SU from anything else then espaces (not extension [if they consume SU's, I've not found anything to confirm or deny this], nor solutions)

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Now the post becomes clear to me :).

Indeed only the eSpaces are shown, so adding solutions and extentions would be an improvement.

Maybe it would be better to make a submenu item (under administration) software unit's where you (just like facotry) can see it by eSpaces, extentions and solution and will be able to drill down to screen/action level.

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Out of the scope

Hi Bruno,

We have since moved to application objects. We do have customers on software units but we are focusing on evolving the platform further based on application objects and clients are migrating to the latest licensing models.

I understand this is relatively old so I hope you don't mind if we tag this idea as out of scope. Let me know if you disagree.