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I think it is interesting that Integration Studio saved passwords for connecting to the environment, just like in Service Studio.
Or to make it easier, Integration Studio uses the same foundation as environments already saved in Service Studio (environment, user and password).

Created on 24 Jul 2019
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That will be great! Hope to see this implemented very soon.

A great idea!

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This will definitely help.

Makes a lot of sense, like many of the other ideas that relate to Integration Studio. Let's hope this one at least gets on the radar...

Oh wow, that this Idea wasn't issued before, kudos!

it's a great idea

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It would be good to have an option to save your password so you don't have to enter it each time you login to Integration Studio.

For my work I find myself regularly opening different extensions throughout the day and each time I have to manually enter a password, so it would save that hassle.

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