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In Outsystems 11, and previous versions too, everytime we build a widget that has a higher z-index relative to the page we struggle on editing the content of the page since we have another element above the normal content of that page.

Today's solution
We can wrap up each of that widgets inside an if and toggle them whenever we need to only see the page content, or other widget content.

Today's solution problem

Wrapping each widget with an if it's a solution for that problem, but everytime we have more than one element it could be a little unproductive to toggle each of them so we could change the view.

Possible future solution

So as a possible future solution I purpouse a multilayer view builder inside Service Studio. Whenever we place an element/widget inside a page that has a different z-index or a fixed position,  it could appear an option to select which layer we want to see at that time.

This way we improve the usability while building complex pages.

Thank you.

Created on 26 Jul 2019
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