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Hello all, 

When opening a Forge Component in Service Studio, can we improve the experience by having a popup/dialog with 2 options and the proper explanation of the consequences? 

1. Customization - Service Studio will create a clone of the Forge Component and it will remove any linkage to Forge, you will no longer receive updates and you will be responsible for the maintenance of this customization

2. Maintenance/Troubleshoot  - You will be able to change and debug this Forge Component directly in Service Studio and it will continue to receive updates from Forge, any change done which is not in the updated version will be lost

I think for  new developers this will avoid the pitfall of changing something and later regret of that decision, by showing a popup with the proper explanation you can have a better decision 

Thanks in advance,


Created on 7 Aug (2 weeks ago)
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Hey Fabio,

Thanks for your idea. I agree that it would help new users understanding the tradeoffs of customizing a Forge component (e.g. losing its maintenance and improvements).


This is definitely something that will add value.

I can imagine, how much it can be of use. Adds new capability.

Don't know if this is will add value? Think it's more something that should be added in a training video (pro vs con), rather then asked when wanted to install/download. Be aware of the disadvantage is that, because the lack of expercience, they all download customizations where afterwards they want the updates from the forge (and if you'll have 20 modules referencing it, it can be a hard one).

I hope OutSystems sales can bring the imporance of needing experience when setting up an environment/team (trough person/partner), so if they ignore that it's their decision. Also when you'll learn it the hard way, you'll don't forget it (-:

Besides that, maybe a download a clone could be an improvement (then you'll don't have to do it youself when there are multiple modules).

Hello Evert, 

I think you are missing the scenario, is not about when you install/download a Forge component but instead when it is already installed and a developer opens the Forge component modules during the development phase to customize it

At that point, new developers tend to change the code directly in the modules and this can have implications on the long-term when there are Forge Updates, as you mentioned they will learn it the hard way :( 

It will be handy to new developers in OutSystems to make that decision by having a small popup to create this awareness, for example, when you try to open a Forge Component module (the full explanation can be incremented by having a proper documentation article)

Hello José,

Then, for me, it doesn't makes sense you'll want this in Service Studio.

You'll have to organize that with authorization. 'New' developers shouldn't have access to Forge components on the environment. They should be able to see them, reference them but not publish them. 

Just create a team 'Forge component', put the Forge applications in it and then assign correct roles for developers.

Kind regards,


Hello Evert,

With a proper governance model and with developers who can coach and guide them, I definitely agree with you. I see this more as an issue on the onboarding phase of new customers as their "new developers" are new to the platform and more susceptible to such a pitfall and a hard lesson


José Fábio Vieira

Hello José,

Good to know you'll agree. I can also understand the problem and the wish for this idea better now (still won't vote it because this should be solved in a process at the customer or OS sales to warn/guide new customers (-: ).

Good discussion, would also clarify it for others to read.

Kind regards,