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All the OutSystems community users have a public profile (with visibility settings). 

OutSystems portal has provided Community, Learning, Forums, Jobs, Support everything integrated similar to its platform (ideate, develop, deploy, deliver, mangage, monitoring etc).

What I miss is the custom profile URL, which can be shared as identity. Currently it is https://www.outsystems.com/profile/<profileIdentifier>/ here numeric profile identifier should be replacable with available string slug making it nice custom (memorable) URL.

Created on 7 Aug
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The existing https://www.outsystems.com/profile/<profileIdentifier>/  can be the Permalink (optional) 

To respect old URLs and avoid losing old references it can be directed (moved_permanently) to new profile URL.

I like this. Gives it a bit more of a professional feel...

I'm more curious for whom you'll would want this? Who do you'll want to find this url or share your profile with?

Can't remember one time I've shared an url by telling the url instead of sending it trough which program is available?

It is probably more for aesthetics than anything else.

As a freelancer myself, I have shared the link several times and had to copy and paste in whatever communication medium is used, instead of having a memorable URL to type. The current link is not too bad as it is, but as you probably know, developers do love customisation!

From that case makes more sense. Personally I always use LinkedIn for that cases (where I can put the link to my profile in). Also easier to find someone back but can imagine it's different somewhere else.

The primary idea of Custom Profile URL is to be easily sharable/memorable. As Hanno mentioned the real use case, I feel it also gives personalized touch. 

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