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So, to develop something in OutSystems we need to Download ServiceStudio in our machine. But each and every work of one's is been saved in the cloud. When everything is already put in the cloud why don't OutSystems create a platform that which runs in online by just accessing the cloud. And that is not a new rocket science as such kind of services are already been implemented in some other tools. 

It is being a problem in the corporate as upon the security issues we can't download ServiceStudio IDE in each and every machine that we work. So if there is a option for us to work on online just by using the browsers then OutSystems would be a great platform.


Manideep Yadlapalli

Created on 9 Aug 2019
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Hi Manideep,

I did a search in community, and I found that in the past the OS try to do this... I believe this is a anwser your idea:

For now, that is an experimental web version which appears to first-time mac users. In reality, it's only a remote desktop to a windows machine, and should be used solely for evaluation (i.e. doing the tutorials).  There are several limitations:

  • only 1 module at a time can be opened
  • when idle for 15 minutes it will disconnect
  • only works online and responsiveness will depend on your connection
  • it won't remember your connection settings
  • you can't access environments that are only inside your corporate network
  • it's not possible to debug
  • it's not possible to save files
  • it's not possible to upload application icons

If you want to do real work, I would advise to use a virtual machine (e.g. parallels) on your mac and install Service Studio there.

I hope that my answer has help you to clarify your doubt.

Best regards,

Nuno Miguel Verdasca


Thanks for your search. But now there is no such interface available. If you can see the date of that post from where you got this information it is in 2016 - 2017. Now there are no such options available in OutSystems.

Thanks & Regards

Manideep Yadlapalli

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interesting idea. But not a big fan of the browser based dev tools. A lot of limitations and performance issues observed.But still can be handy for minor changes etc.