Moving an entity to another espace without loosing their data

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when refactoring entities between espaces, manual database scripts are required to migrate data to the new physical entity
Created on 10 May 2010
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Moving one entity from one eSpace to another one and  keep table name and table data is an important feature to have in Outsystems.

We had this issue when we started doing eSpace refactory and need to have entities associated with another eSpaces without changing physical table name.

For example in eSpace X we have CLIENT and POLICY entities and we created two eSpaces with these themes (clients and policies). In Policy eSpace we need POLICY entity and in Client eSpace we need CLIENT entity...

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similar to http://www.outsystems.com/wisdomofthecrowds/IdeaComment_List.aspx?IdeaId=72

Merged from 'Move Entity to another eSpace' (idea created on 14 May (3 days ago) by Nuno Fernandes), on 11:06 (just now) by Pedro Oliveira
I got a message that this is possible to do by going into the database and switch eSpace ID's in the meta model.

Only have to figure out how it actually can be done :-)
We've managed to this by copying the table in Service Studio to the desired eSpace, publishing that, then going to the database, delete the new table and rename the old table to the new one. But yeah, it'd be vastly superior to be able to do it from Service Studio.

Refactoring tooling.....!!!!!

This continues to be really relevant!

It absolutely does.

Great idea, especially when you want to split out functionality and use it as a shared component.

Yes, this feature is useful especially refactoring the code


There is ANY reason (besides other priorities) to this to not have being implemented as part of the platform yet?
Move entities from one module to other is absolute essential when doing refactoring, and it poses lots of problems...

Anything other than change metadata information is required in order to do this?

Agreed. The refactor forge component is a waste to use. Its not helping really because you need to do roughly the same amount of work.

Refactoring means better quality for the developers and customers because you can create more seperate apps...

Sounds like we're all on the same page. I know the ability to drag and drop an entity exists, but no data transfers. That's the real need: move an entity with data from one module or eSpace to another. Is it possible to do that from the SQL backend?

We really need this...

I just wanted to submit this as a new idea. I don't understand why this is still not in the product after more than 8 years. I believe that when your are building large landscapes, proper support for refactoring is essential.

Agreed!!  Same issue when moving Roles from one module to another - the original role Id's are replaced by new ones and users no longer have the effective roles they should.  HUGE PROBLEM.

++ For native re-factoring support for entities AND roles!  Need this yesterday OutSystems!