Build in Text functions: Add padStart() and padEnd()

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For processing texts it would sometimes be useful to have textfunctions like padStart() and padEnd() available as in Javascript: 


Created on 16 Aug 2019
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Hi Achim,

The Forge component https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2341/textmod has PadLeft and PadRight functions in it.



These are simple javascript functions and can be used easily. Also as Daniel mentioned there is also a forge component available, just in case.

Thanks for the link to the Forge component! However, I doubt that I would always add an extra component to my apps just to have this function available.

And I don't see how I can use the Javascript functions easily? At least when developing Web applications?

Hi Achim,

I do not really see the problem in adding an extra component. Lets say you want to connect to services from AWS. You will go and implement them yourself, or you use a ready to use and tested component in the Forge? Lets say you want to print PDF documents in OutSystems, you go and fully implement that yourself or you use a ready to use tested component in the Forge?

Our code guide actually says to first look if OutSystems has it build in, then to check the Forge, then consider to build it yourself.

Of course with components that include objects that count as AO's (screens, entitities, REST/SOAP methods) you have to consider to use the complete component or not. It is all free to use and learn from,  and you could also just download the component, take from it what you need and incorperate it in your application. Then delete the downloaded component.

The thing is, altough we can debate if OutSystems should provide some functionality as part of its offering, they do not / can not offer all we need. Luckely OutSystems is extendable in the frontend with CSS and Javascript (libaries) and at the server side with C# extensions. The additions build on top of OutSystems are available in the Forge to reuse.



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