Access to start time in Reuse and Monitor Lifetime role


Our timer loads into some table from web service at regular interval and when the third party system is down, out timer breaks; since I have just reuse and monitor role, I cannot run a the timer after the third party system is up. 

Need the ability to start the timers.

Created on 19 Aug
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Hi, Prasad

Thank you for your idea!

I'd like to understand a bit more about your needs:

  • How frequently does the scenario you describe occur?
  • Who are the people that usually need to start the timer? What are their responsibilities in the company?

Best regards,

Rita Tomé

Hi Rita,

Not sure about frequency as I am out of that project now, I would assume it to be less frequent in production but very frequent in QA or UAT environment. They have a structure such that only System Administrator can deploy the code and hence he has access of Administrator in higher environment (QA,UAT,Prod). every other user are developers, hence they have a role of reuse & Monitor in all higher environment. Few developers are also responsible for working on production tickets and fixing them. Two cases happened when we moved it to higher environment; first was logic error, after few days external system was down because they had problem with deployment. In another instance web service started sending us difference response because of bug and our timers started failing. we had to make the Administrator log in on his vacation this time and change our access so that we can stop the timer after that he removed our access. 

Since most of bulk operation are performed in timer, it would be nice to have monitor users to change timer scheduling so that we don't get bombarded with emails/log about failed timer as we already know and cannot do anything about it.