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Hey there,

We have an R&D environment which we test a lot of applications and try out applications from the forge before we start using them on our projects, the consequence is that this environment ends up with a lot of different applications.

When we need to Update an application from the forge, the Update Bell can have many things to update time to time and we have to scroll until we find what we are looking for.

It would be easy to have a search box to search for a specific application on that list.

Kind regards,

Cláudio Oliveira

Created on 21 Aug (4 weeks ago)
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Good Idea. +1

This is "nice to have", though doesn't add much of value, at least to me

Swatantra, that's correct, this is a nice to have, but it's a very simple thing to implement that for big projects would just be another less annoyance. 

Ideas are not only used for completely amazing new features, but also for little things, because a lot of small things that will help a little here and there will give you a good development feeling ;) 

I totally agree Claudio. My statement should not be taken as discouraging. 

If my vote counts, Product Owners should consider it as nice to have. So, they can prioritize more business valued ideas first and if this fits in product road map, should consider it.

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