When moving a button do not change it to default

Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

In a screen or web block that does not have a default button, moving a button will make that button default.

This behavior should not happen because if the button is 'not default' it should remain as 'not default' as the developer is only moving the button, not changing its behavior.

Video (20s) examplifying the idea : https://youtu.be/dbSaE_6w_wo

--Tiago Bernardo

Created on 23 Aug (4 weeks ago)
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I believe that this should be reported as a bug, I certainly consider it to be one.


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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Tiago,

That's a good suggestion. In fact, as Justin was saying, that is a small bug.You'll be happy to know that we're working on the next generation of web applications , where that, along with  several other suggestions, will be released. (You'll even be able to have different forms on the screen, with different default buttons). We'll share more about this soon. 

Tiago Simões