Warn if the database is getting full


Sometimes, when the database has a high quantity of data (lots of error logs, for example), the OutSystems Platform becomes terribly slow.

Put a warning on Service Center or LifeTime so we can know if the database is getting full.

Created on 29 Aug 2019
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You can try the Database Size Email component.

I built is specifically to address issues such as this. You can set the schedule to run once, or multiple times per day.

Thanks for sharing your component, Hanno! It can help a lot.

But it would be awesome to have this function integrated in the OutSystems Platform.

LifeTime does show database usage information, but this can be outdated.

I lived through a scenario at a client where the database grew beyond its limits within a matter of hours due to a flood of error logs, but we could only establish the following day what the issue was.

From there the need arose to have more timely and detailed information regarding database size.

I agree with you that it will be great if we can access more up to date information in Service Center or even LifeTime. Perhaps even exposed in Service Studio if a user has a tech lead role within the team/company.

Greate Idea..!! 

Adriano Ramos

Thank you Hanno your opinion is very helpful..