Refactor multiple parameters into a structure

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It would be nice if I could select multiple parameters on a screen, client, service or server action and convert them into a structure.

Created on 6 Sep 2019
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Outstanding idea!


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Very practical! I like this idea Daniël!


You can already copy-paste parameters from an Action to a structure, but still this would automate:

  - Creating an empty structure to be used as input for the Action;

  - Removing current parameters and adding the Structure as input;

  - Refactoring any code that was calling the Action already.

IMO, the real value-add would be a Service Studio warning for Actions with too many parameters. Clicking the warning should allow the developer to select which parameters should be moved to a structure, and follow the above steps.

Selecting which parameters will be moved is important though, since Structure input parameters don't have an easy way to validate Mandatory attributes.

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On our radar

Thanks for the idea!