Add in service studio a category for server connections - Pop up a confirmation message when deploy to Production environments.

By Daniel Martins on 20 Apr 2011
Some how... add in service studio a category  for servers connections.

Besides the host, username and password allow the user to categorize the connection as 'Production Environment Connection' or  'Quality Environment  Connection' or 'Development Environment  Connection' .

Add an option for the user (typically for Production environments connections) choose to pop up a confirm message to be shown every time that one e-space is published.

This would avoid e-spaces deployed by mistake in Quality/Production environments (when server connections are changed).

One example attached (image).
Ricardo Silva20 Apr 2011
Your problem seems to be mistakingly publishing something in a production environment when you don't actually intend to. I don't believe a confirmation message would do the trick, since those are most often than not completely ignored.

A better solution might be not allowing Service Studio (mainly a developer tool) to publish espaces to a production server unless some special mode is engaged.
Ricardo Araújo21 Apr 2011
i have a litle trick for that...i don't use the same passwords in production server then in other servers, and that works just fine.
Daniel Martins26 Feb 2016

Now with Lifetime where users and pwd's are the same throuth out all environments, this could be even more useful.