Green/Blue deployments



When releasing new features or pilot versions you may face a challenge within the platform, one way to do it is by using the canary variate: 

Fun With Feature Flags: How to Add to a Live App Without Branching
Another variation of the canary deployment is to deploy the new version to all servers but to selectively show the features to users, slowly increasing the number of users who experience the new features. Implementing such a system usually involves feature toggles and designing your application to work this way; it's really outside of the scope of a tool like Octopus.

Alternative it would be great to use the existing feature of OutSystems Deployment Zones to leverage Green/Blue deployments for pilot releases


This is another fail-safe process. In this method, two identical production environments work in parallel.
One is the currently-running production environment receiving all user traffic (depicted as Blue). The other is a clone of it, but idle (Green). Both use the same database backend and app configuration:

Created on 20 Sep 2019
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Hi Jose, how this is an idea? Reading your post gives the understanding that Blue-Green deployments can be achieved using an already existing feature of Deployment zones. If so, what is the idea proposed?

BTW, I'm a big fan of Canary deployment pattern.