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I would appreciate if my inline expression comments can appear as Reminders in TrueChange. I suggest to have a prefix in the comment to identify if we want it to be a Reminder or not, something like:

/*TODO: put your comment here*/


/*REMINDER: put your comment here*/

Created on 3 Oct 2019
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Again this is an idea, when you read you don't understand why it is not proposed long time ago.

May I extend it to also allow this to work in Advanced SQL, CSS and Javascript without OutSystems.

Thanks Daniël. And totally agree with your sugestion to extend it to SQL, CSS and JS.

+1 for idea.

Comments are the basic tool for developers. Codes are written once and read tons of times.  We must have ability to put the comments in the code, says SQL, JS, CSS or expression.



Nice idea. Agree with Swatantra, good comments are often as important as good code.

It should work the same as currently for Comment Statements, so "TODO" and "TBD" should trigger this.

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Thanks for the idea!

good idea!!!