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There are few things that can be improved in servicecenter solutions.

1. Add possibility to configure automatic publish of running version of a given solution at given time daily (or something similar to timer schedule, but in my opinion, just daily, or rather nightly, run time is enough). I think in this mode, any user confirmations like "review warnings below to continue" should be automatically approved.

2. Add a checkbox "create version" - which will create a new version (auto-named), after the publish completed successfully. I don't mean only automatic run, but for automatic this will be especially useful.

3. Summarize errors in the end of publish log, or at least highlight them better. Today it is difficult to find what errors happened in that huge dump of publish output.

PS. This is already 3rd idea related to solutions which I am posting (previous 2: https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/6548/improvements-in-solutions and https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/6438/solution-publish-should-fail-early), and I don't expect them to be realized soon, if ever, but...

First 2 items here will make references update and deployments very much easier, even making something close to automatic build / semi-automatic deployment (unbelievable!). I have noticed that servicecenter never gets any improvements, so after 18 years of platform existence maybe it's good to make one magic feature available to everyone. I don't know about others, but in our project we have to spend 3 hours to perform full test update, and during 1.5 hours of those either 10 developers cannot publish, or 5 testers cannot do testing. Doing this every day is not even an option to consider. This kills a lot of impression of fast development. Yes, in theory we can build our own automation, and we are dreaming to build it, but we still don't have it, maybe because it's not very easy to do, and in other [not so advanced] frameworks you get this [almost] out of the box.

Created on 8 Oct 2019
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Regarding the errors visualization, I've came up with a simple script to solve that.
Check it on GitHub: https://github.com/r-saraiva/OutSystems_ServiceCenterToolkit

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