Translation Attribute

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Instead of having the usual window to translate all the information, where sometimes it's hard to keep track of the text, and makes the Service Studio a bit slow, create a new attribute in the properties that would allow the programmer to insert the translation.

This is a shortcut that comes in hand when we need to change the text in a specific place, or translate the window while the programmer is actually making it.
Created on 2 May 2011
Comments (2)
I like the idea, but I see a problem (for the SS dev team) with this aproach: how will you manage multiple locales (i mean visually)

Don't get me wrong the idea of translating stuff directly in the SS canvas while you are designing the application sounds awsome and more efficient then the current translate method

Maybe if the platform is using the label attribute on entitiy attributes more then we could also select what the label should be translated to based on locale.