BPT Light - Optimization


With the increasing use of BPT Light processes in applications, an optimization on how we use these light processes could be applied.

Instead of configuring the module to use light processes, this could be done at the process creation level. Like selecting the type of process that the developer wants to create.

This would allow specific BPT Light validations, using only the allowed tools and having specific TrueChange validations, which would lead the developer to correctly develop the light process, instead of having the validations happening on the publish compiling level.

I've added an image of how this could be implemented:

Additionally, having in the Service Center the information to know which process is light or not would also be beneficial.

Are these ideas, or any other similar ones to optimize the development of light processes, possible in the future? Or is it still difficult to detach the BPT Light from the classic BPT?

Created on 31 Oct 2019
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