Have Excel To Record List read 0's and 1's as booleans!

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I was wondering if the Excel to List function could read 1's and 0's and translate them into booleans.  Apparently it can't right now, so I had to manually change all my 0's to "False" and all my 1's to "TRUE" like you see above in the last columns.
Created on 2 May 2011
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What if the user wanted to insert the actual digit 0 and 1?

The user could use 1's and 0's in an integer column, but where a column is typed as a boolean and it shows up in the excel spreadsheet at that position, it should read 1's and 0's like true and false.  the reason for this is that databases store booleans as a BIT column(either 1 and 0), so when you export a database table to excel it shows up as 1's and 0's and outsystems should be able to read that.  The Excel to Record List function takes an entitiy, so it shoudl know where booleans show up.