Be able to choose quality and resolution of picture taked from CameraPlugin



At all time that update this plugin we've to implement it (again), because our solutions allow to configure quality and resolution of picture taked.

Then, can be it implemented at "root" (native) component as well.

  1. Adding input arguments for TakePictureJS client action: Quality, TargetWidth, TargetHeight. All is Integer and optional (Mandatory: No) with your default values (originally... quality is 60, targetWidth is 600 and targetHeidht is 600).
  2. Add in TakePictureJS step the same arguments, but all "Mandatory: Yes", and use the input parameter correlate.
  3. At JS script (of same node) change fixed values to node input arguments.

Image of an our solution after this plugin update:

Our implementation:

Created on 6 Nov 2019
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Great ideia!

Great idea! 

Perhaps I misunderstand, but what is keeping you from forking the camera plugin project on github, implementing what you want and creating your own camera plugin in Outsystems? Perhaps even sharing it in the Forge?

+1 for this idea!

@FransMoquette: is this a serious question...? One could create its own camera plugin, which will be 99% similar to the official OutSystems supported version.

Hi Richard and Frans.

Yes, of course can do it!
But it is the only customize that we made and using a component mainetained by OS is secure that it keep updated.

Will be a "duplicated" component.