Get day of the week and month for a date, in a multilingual context, by locale

Builtin & User functions

With multilingual in a web or mobile project, it is necessary to show dates in the respective languages.

The idea would be to have an extra field in the FormatDateTime function that would allow you to receive the location and return the formatted translated date.

All the Locales would be expressed according to the RFC 1766 standard format.


In English (default): Friday, 08 november, 2019

In Dutch: Vrijdag, 08 november, 2019

In French: Vendredi, 08 novembre, 2019

In Spanish: Viernes, 08 noviembre, 2019

Created on 8 Nov 2019
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Consider PrettyDateFormat for that also.


Good Idea, but why an extra parameter? why not always use the current locale?

It can be an optional parameter, Matthias.

If the purpose of this function is to release us from the shackles of English, don't make it block us just one step ahead. Make it flexible.

Yes Nuno, I had thought of this extra parameter (optional) for those cases where we do not want the date to be presented in the defined language.

However, if the translation were always obtained by the current locale as suggested by Matthias, it would already be very interesting.

Changed the category to Builtin & User functions

How about adding another optional parameter for the time-zone?

Very basic but useful feature request. My vote goes.