Architecture Dashboard pattern analysis into Service Studio
Service Studio


It would be interesting to integrate many of the patterns identified in Architecture Dashboard into Service Studio. 

AD is a great tool but requires a post development analysis, not contributing to their prevention.



2021-04-27 10-08-39
Daniel Marques
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Service Studio

Agreed. There are many Architecture Dashboard findings that should be implemented as warnings in Service Studio, otherwise devs need to commit the change, wait for probes to run, then open the AD report. It would be better to highlight the simpler issues in realtime.

Merged this idea with 'AI mentor suggestions while developing' (created on 19 Sep 2023 11:29:52 by Willem Notten)

While developing do an code analysis and give tips and trics of best practices proactive instead of reactive like via AI mentor.

For example, how often don't you forget to fill in the 'Max. records' on an aggregate. This way before you publish you will get code analysis notifications and your code will be beter before you publish and let a peer review your work.