Output variables in WebBlocks

By Hugo Bento on 10 May 2011
That's about it.
Add output parameters in WebBlocks so you can reuse the data on parent screen or block.
Kilian Hekhuis11 May 2011
I really don't get what you mean - a WebBlock is a screen element, so when do you want output? Also, what has that to do with reuse of data?
Hugo Francisco13 May 2011
I get what he means with output parameters.
He wants to access variables / information inside a web-block.

Could be handy sometimes like when you have the same web-block 2 or 3 times in the same parent screen.
Hugo Bento20 May 2011
Yes, that´s what I mean, I want to pass a variable to a webBlock that can be accessed in the parent window.

In .net you have ascx controls with public properties, those properties you can "set" and "get" from parent windows (or parent controls for that matters)
Hugo Bento20 May 2011
In addition to what I've commented previously I just thought I posted another Idea that I hope it makes more sense for you Kilian.

Rebecca Hall1 Mar 2012

Isn't a "NotifyWidget" action supposed to be able to pass values from a web block back to the parent?

Kilian Hekhuis2 Mar 2012
There's only the Message parameter, so if you want to pass multiple values, you'll have to serialize them or the like. Quite a pain actually, but sometimes the only possibility. Also, if there's no button inside that triggers something, you have to do that on each OnChange. Feasible, but totally unnecessary if OS would implement a sane way to access the data inside the webblock (e.g. WebBlockName.WidgetName.DataElement).