Mock Test before certification


I observe that the people who are new in Outsystems they complete the course but when it comes to certification exams they found question in exam confusing and they perform poor in exams.  I think there should be at least one mock test before certification.

Created on 21 Dec 2019
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That is a really good idea and will help community to get more certified developers.

I have also seen in my team that new developers hesitant initially to appear for certificate exam because OytSystems as a platform is very different then treditional programing languages and most of the developer have no exposure in low-code before.

I agree with Prajakta and Nikhil.

I have seen similar hesitation in my team. And this hesitation increases with increase in level of certification.

It would be really helpful for anyone who wants to attempt for a certification. Definitely, it would be helpful for overall OutSystems community.  


Last year (today is just the 1st day of new year :P), I made a mock test for practising Associate level exam.

I'll check with OutSystems if it is not against code of conduct; I'll share the link with you guys.

yeah it will be good help to people who are new in Outsystems 

This is a great idea to help reaffirm learning but also to get candidates use to the style of certification questions.

Yes, really good idea.  Would have been a great help 

Mock test for certification is really a good idea. This will help new comers in outsystems to understand the exam pattern. This will be helpful to grow our Outsystems Community.

That's a great idea.

That's a great idea.

That's a great idea.

very good idea.

I believe a mock test is prone to make students remember problem solving templates to very specific kinds of questions instead of actually understanding the underlying concepts.

Exposing the students to questions they've never seen before allows for a more accurate test result.

That being said; I would like to request mock tests for the professional and expert certificates.

I agree with John, but keep in mind Mock tests make candidates familiar with the style and scope of the question paper and gives a feel of the real exam. It improves candidates speed and time management. 

Mock tests are good to have no matter which level of exam it is; but it should be treated as mock not the question bank. 

This is a great idea!

Swatantra already said what I had in mind as well which is "Mock tests are good to have no matter which level of exam it is; but it should be treated as mock not the question bank. "

As long as we keep this in mind this should be effective.

A hint would be a compilation of the questions during online courses, very basic and can already test the understanding of the learner.

Good Idea!!!