Public Variable

By Hugo Bento on 20 May 2011
Imagine you can access variables that are inside web Blocks you use in your page!

Maybe a nice alternativa to another idea that I released earlier:

 hope it makes sense for you as it makes for me.
J.25 May 2011
Nothing to say but it's not a wise idea.

This means you can alter variables out of their original scope, which can cause serious headaches!
Hugo Bento2 Jun 2011
You have a page with a control in it. you may want to know if a the property "Visible" of some text is set to true in that control so that you show a certain message in your page or not...

like this you could add an IF controlName.variableName.Visible = true then "I show something" else "I don't"
Gonçalo Almeida11 Jan 2012
I believe this idea could be "joined" with this one:

This is so necessary when you want to implement your own controls.