Outsystems Open Source Community Project!

On our radar
Just for fun and to see where it goes!

Run the first open source community developer's project, where developers could work together in remote teams to develop an app in their free time. The app shall be released as an open source for everyone to use and customise free of charge.
  • -Developer will need to be a community member to participate and contribute to a project.
  • -App shall be submitted to the agile community forum or to a dedicated community development server provided by outsystems.
  • -App is to be reviwed and voted by the community members.
  • -The best and most popular/useful app shall be reviewed and approved by outsystems.
  • -Selected App shall be featured on outsystems.com frontpage along with the rest of the Open source app (developers that have contribute shall be credited along side with the App description)
  • -Unlimited amount of developers can join a given project within a set timeframe (community developers and outsystems developers or parthers are free to join and contribute)
  • -To kick start off the open source community project, Outsystems is to provide one or more project ideas/feature requirements! 
  • The most voted for project and its features shall be implemented by one or more developers.
  •  To keep a project in order, 1 outsystems developer shall maintain responsibility for project management (keep project within specified scope, provide review, test and make sure everything is functional within standard practise and requirements.

Deadline?? There must be dead with any project and its up to outsystems project manager to provide the requirements, select the developers and set the deadline for each usecase and the over all base features for  a given project.. 

Note: Outsystems might want to host a community project management portal to help with project management. Otherwise the project will fall apart, takeforever to complete and most likely fail.
Created on 23 May 2011
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p.s This idea could only work if we (the community) have full support from outsystems otherwise it just wouldn't work!
You mean like sourceforge projects?
" You mean like sourceforge projects?"

Simular but for the agile platform, using agile tools, and the agile methodology. 

Its going to cost alot of money and a lot of work just to run the site! maybe we can just start our own open source project in the community forum and see how it goes from there :)
It's all good to see the current outsystem apps delivered/available at outsystem site but still for new comers like me I am finding this platform to be a "WOW!" platform only available to a select few. Where is the education channel proposed prior to version 6 being released. The apps were developed in sprints of upto five days, fair enough, this was done by gurus of the platform and does not mean a new comer will quickly pick it up and run with it. The tiny tutorials attached to these apps simply scratch the surface and new comers need a more indepth training than what is offered. There needs to be an extra effort on outsystem to develop learning materials for this product. 

I commend for this proposed community development to be funded (hosting) by outsystem so that the community folks can collaborate and develop sample applications in a true learning/teaching fashion.