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Launch the world's first outsystems AppStore, featured on outsystems.com frontpage improving on the current "Apps" page design.

i.e Simular to the outsystems Agilenetwork download section and the current Apps page, but contains a more useful listing of....
  • Featured Apps,
  • Catogerised Apps,
  • Top 20 Apps.
Featured Apps are apps that have been selected and approved by outsystems.
(Might want to list outsystems open source apps here for now).

Note: Quality control, to maintain high quality there should be an outsystems seal of approval badge for apps that have been reviewed and approved by outsystems.

Future release: Version 2.0 - feature an AppStore for 3rd party paid apps, components, and complete solutions.
Created on 23 May 2011
Comments (2)
In regards to quality control and outsystems seal of approval; when the app store grows this process might becomes a time consuming process, to continue to review and approve apps for free.

When this happens outsystems might want to charge an annual developers fee to help pay for the approval process and get apps in outsystems AppStore with the approved seal.

Maintaining high quality for outsystems AppStore apps should be highly considered, since the apps are featured directly on outsystems.com frontpage!
Is this a wisdom of the crowd or a v6 promotinal activity