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It would be great to have the possibility to comment on a group of elements.
And make it visually clear in the interface, which elements the comment effects.

In this way it's more clear which elements are part of the comment and as a bonus you can easier comment on large pieces of code.

In the same way comments are usually done in traditional coding, like (e.g. in javascript):

//Start of function / piece of code
/* Initialize and invoke a the greetUser function
to assign user's name to a constant and print out
a greeting. */

function greetUser() {
    const name = prompt("What is your name?");
    console.log("Hello ," + name + "! How are you?");


//Start of another function / piece of code
/* Initialize and invoke a the sayGoodbyeUser function
to print out a goodbye. */


Visual idea:

Created on 17 Jan
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Great idea!!


It is a bit crappy but you can not this already by just adding spaces and lines to a comment.

I agree that sometimes actions get so huge that you need to visualize subsections. A big colorful box (like comment, but that also includes comments inside) to highlight blocks of logic.

Sometimes I do an empty comment (like Daniel mentions) as background to know they are together, but adding new elements moves everything and it gets harder to read.

The best approach, for now, is to connect the comment to the corresponding elements. Those extra lines make the diagram harder to read, but at least they don't disconnect.

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