[ServiceCenter] Send Solution to IPP

On our radar
After creating a solution have the ability to send it to IPP.
Now I have to download it and start a browser to upload the file.

Would be nice to do this direct after creation of the OSP
Created on 25 May 2011
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Or add the ability to download an espace without EPP from the 'original' server..

If you want that, than what's the use of IPP anyway ?


ofcourse password-protected or only for admins.

If you have access to servicecenter, you can download/open the app anyway, so if you want to steal IPP you have the code anyway.

Besides, the current 'protection' by uploading an app and getting a download URL is marginally at best anyway.

I just think the continuous uploading and downloading is not the best solution..
Actually our customers are able to state that they don't want their espaces to be able to go through IPP cleanup, so even if a developer connects to a ServiceCenter and "steals" the espace, he will not be able to use it on other environment if the owner of that infrastructure says (us) so.
Nevertheless I agree with you that the solution should be simpler and cover community specific scenarios better