New Form Validation Widget for Screen Actions

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Creation of a widget to be used on the screen's actions that allow a simple and much faster validation of a form.


The time that nowadays we take to perform all fields validation in a form is high. Additionally, in a typical "Save" action, it gets very confused when we mix the "twenty" validations of dates, mandatory texts and business logic, with the save action indeed. It is not visually pleasing to read the action.


Create a widget that visually looks like the form of properties of a entity. In that form, the user can add the fields that need validation, including also the expression that it is used to validate and the error message to show for each field. The widget can return a boolean called "Success" so that the user can continue to work in the "Save" action.

Created on 23 Jan
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Like the idea +1


I love it, definitely an improvement +1

I fully aggree, validations should be a lot more declaretive instead of us writing code to do the majority of validations. Especially for the ReactiveWeb this would be a great improvement.

Most javascript frameworks, including ReactJs have several good components to make form validation really easy by just declearing per attribute all the constrains. For example for reactjs you have Yup validation schema which is used by Formik UI Forms.

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On our radar

Hi Tiago,

That's a good idea. We'll add it to our radar to continue monitoring it's evolution and eventually implement it in the future.

Tiago Simões

Thank you Tiago!